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Acoustic Guitar magazine started the Players' Choice Awards in 1998 as a way for players to tell each other (and the people making the gear they use every day) which guitars, accessories, and amplification equipment serve them best.

Voting in the Players' Choice Awards happens every other year, and over the past decade, Froggy Bottom Guitars has taken medals in 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2008.

We are grateful for this recognition of our work by the readers and editors of Acoustic Guitar magazine. In many ways, making these instruments is its own reward, but to consistently receive this public recognition of our commitment to providing guitarists with guitars that will excel in their hands is a fine honor and confirmation for us.

Froggy Bottom began making custom instruments in 1970. We offer a variety of body profiles, models, and custom options. We currently produce around 100 instruments each year, building commissioned guitars directly for players, and models ordered by a few, select dealers with whom we have longstanding relationships.

Our ability to design and build guitars in response to the musical-functional needs and desires of the player continues to inspire support for our work. We are grateful.


  • Acoustic Guitar Players' Choice Bronze medal 2002
  • Acoustic Guitar Players' Choice Award bronze medal 2004
  • Acoustic Guitar Players' Choice Award gold medal 2006
  • Acoustic Guitar Players' Choice Bronze medal 2008


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