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Froggy Bottom Models

Froggy Bottom currently offers seventeen different body shapes ranging from the 13” wide Model-L Parlor up to the 17” wide Model -J and G Jumbo guitars. The guitar we build for you will be based on function; our first concern is always controlling how a guitar actually works for the player.

Here they are, listed from smallest to largest:
LP14, and P12   concert:   C,  A12   grand concert : MH14H12   full sized : F14KSJD14F12D12   jumbo: JB12G

What are you looking for?

One player may be looking for an “all-around” guitar to play a wide variety of music, while another may be after a highly specialized instrument suitable to a narrower range of music. A guitar design that is highly specialized, will do some things very well, but may have a more limited range of musical applications.

A parlor guitar for example – with a very short scale, light gauge strings, and a warm, balanced voice – may be perfect for finger-style playing, but not work as well for strumming or bluegrass leads.

Knowing what you like in your instruments (and why), how you play, and the styles of music you are pursuing are key to choosing the right instrument.

Elements of Guitar Design

The basic elements of a guitar design include the size, shape, depth, woods for the body, scale length, string gauge, and neck join (at the 12th fret, 14th fret). The proportion of all components, arching of plates, bracing, and graduation also come into play.

At Froggy Bottom Guitars, we understand how each of these elements effects the performance of every instrument and how these elements relate to your personal needs for a given guitar.

Explore our wide range of models

Our models are grouped according to body size and are listed at left from smallest to largest. Please explore the options and read what the players have to say about their guitars. 

Also note that we make specialty instruments such as left handed guitars, high-strung guitars, baritone guitars, bass guitars, and 10 and 12 string models.


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