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The Froggy Bottom Team

Based in Chelsea, Vermont, Froggy Bottom Guitars custom builds instruments for amateur and professional musicians, and a few authorized dealers. The guitars are built by a talented team of craftsmen led by the founder of the business, Michael Millard.

The bookkeeping; website design, maintenance and writing; photography and graphics for online and print use are all accomplished by independent professionals who are also friends of the Froggy Bottom family.

Michael Millard

michael millard

Michael began hanging around boatyards and wooden boats in New England when he was ten. He started getting paid to be there when he was 12. Lessons in craftsmanship and woodworking were patiently and lovingly offered by a group of elderly craftsmen there – members of a dying breed, some of whom had begun sailing and working with wood on sailing ships in the late 19th Century. For ten years Michael was immersed in that woodworking fraternity, basking in its camaraderie and absorbing countless lessons in cooperating with wood and tools.

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Eric Goodenough

eric goodenough

Eric was the first person hired during Michael's year-long stint helping Gurian Guitars get back on its feet, following a 1979 fire. In those days he was fond of pitching tape balls and playing Neil Young tunes. Eric built his first complete guitar at Froggy Bottom Guitars in 1982. He went on to complete his degree in Wildlife Management at the University of New Hampshire and spent fifteen years working in wildlife conservation with the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department, and Ducks Unlimited. Eric also owned and ran Sunnybrook Farm Orchard in Maine before returning to guitar building in 2005.

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Andy Mueller

andy mueller

Originally from California, Andy grew up in the North Idaho woods. He began playing the fiddle when he was nine years old, and working as a machinist in his parents custom movie camera business when he was thirteen. He moved to Vermont in 1993 after graduating from college (Reed College, Physics) and worked construction while he pondered his next move. It didn’t take long. . .

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Larry Sweeney, Finishes

larry sweeney

After 26 years of collision repair work, in 2000 Larry focused his spray gun on a different sort of vehicle for the human spirit: the mandolin. After finishing mandolins for six years, he's now focused on Froggy Bottom Guitars. He's the best finish man Michael's encountered in forty years of guitar making.

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Chris Bavaria

chris bavariaAfter High School, Chris attended the Berklee College of Music for a two year certificate in Guitar Performance. Returning to Maryland, Chris contacted Paul Reed Smith for a job building guitars at his fledgling factory in Annapolis. He also began working with an extensive array of bands and musicians over the years which continues to this day, currently as a member of  local group The Swingin' Swamis since 2002.

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Barb Ackemann, Web Developer

barb ackemannFounder of Iris Lines Designs, Barb wrote her first computer programs by making holes in cardboard punch cards in the 1970s. She spent twenty-eight years as a classroom teacher, librarian and computer maven in educational settings, and earned her Masters in Internet Technologies from Marlboro College Graduate School in 2006.

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Scott Ainslie, Musician & Website Editor

scott ainslie

You may have seen Scott cradling Froggy Bottom Guitars in various print ads, or heard his music on XM radio’s Bluesville. Scott’s a working musician and author of a book and instructional DVD on the music of Delta Blues legend Robert Johnson and has five Cds to his name. http://CattailMusic.com

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Chris Cardillo, Graphic Designer

chris cardillo

Chris founded Diligent Design in 2002, soon after graduating from Marlboro College's Graduate Center in Vermont. Although he specializes in web site and software design and development, he's loved every minute spent exercising his graphic design and page layout muscles, creating magazine advertisement layouts for Froggy Bottom Guitars.

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